Our People

Abdullah Saleh, Chief Executive Director/Co-Founder

Abdullah Saleh is a General Surgery resident at the University of Alberta and is the founder and Chief Executive Director of ICChange. Born in Iraq, he lived in France and Malaysia before moving to Canada in 2000. He obtained a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the University of Calgary and his MD from the University of Alberta. He also co-founded the Kenya Ceramic Project in 2006 with Dr. Abraam Isaac, a partnership that would later inspire the creation of ICChange. His interests include system thinking and architecture, development technology and its implementation, human rights and improving access to medical services and surgery in remote settings. He is currently pursuing a Pediatric Surgery Fellowship at McMaster University.

Abraam Isaac, Co-Executive Director/Co-Founder

Abraam Isaac is an Infectious Diseases physician in Edmonton and an Executive Director of ICChange. Born in Giza, Egypt, he has lived the majority of his life in Canada and Japan and completed his medical training, residency and fellowship at the University of Alberta before joining the Division of Infectious Diseases as a staff consultant. Abraam has been involved with ICChange in a leadership capacity since the beginning of the Kenya Ceramic Project in 2006 and has had a major impact on the organization and its projects throughout. He is currently completing his Masters degree in Global Health Policy.

Badeia Jawhari

Badeia started her career as a human resources (HR) professional. She has worked in various industries including construction, IT, not-for-profit, mining, public and private sectors in many HR capacities. Badeia obtained a Bilingual (French) Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta, is a Certified Human Resource Profession (CHRP) and has a Masters in Medicine focused on Health Informatics from the University of Alberta.  For several years, as the Project Manager for the Kibera Medical Record Initiative, Badeia has led a multi-disciplinary team implementing a primary care cloud-based electronic medical record system in a multi-site environment in Nairobi, Kenya. As a health informatics specialist, Badeia expertise focuses on the implementation of health information systems, mobile health technology, geographic information systems and disease surveillance in East Africa; specializing in health information system research, stakeholder engagement, change management, clinical workflow strategies and sustainability plans. Currently, as a Director, Badeia supports the strategy of ICChange’s mandate.

Andre Isaac

Dr. Andre Isaac is the Innovations Lab Director for ICChange. Born in Giza, Egypt he immigrated to Canada at a young age and has lived most of his life in Canada and Japan. He graduated from the University of Alberta with a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2013 and is currently completing a post-graduate residency training in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery in Edmonton. Andre served as the Project Manager for CeraMaji from 2009 to 2013 and is the Founder and Project Manager of the East Africa Head and Neck Oncology Program (EAHOP). As the Innovations Lab Director, he is responsible for supporting and managing the diverse innovations portfolio of ICChange as well as its various project managers. Under EAHOP he has been conducting research to adapt low-cost novel molecular diagnostic technologies to resource-limited settings for screening and early diagnosis of Human Papillomavirus related cancers. His clinical and research interests are in non-communicable disease management in developing countries. After completing residency he plans to pursue a fellowship and career in Pediatric Head and Neck Surgery and Global Surgery.

Jessica Hogan

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Jessica Hogan obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Alberta. Her experience with ICChange dates back to 2007 where she began with development and management of the Kenya Ceramic Project. Later, she led the creation of the Global Citizenship Curriculum, which evolved into a pre-departure training module for international elective preparation for medical students. Today, she focuses mainly on the Kenya Trauma and Injury Program – by overseeing research development to better understand the burden of trauma in East Africa – and the operation of Office of International Surgery at the University of Alberta Hospital. Jessica is pursuing a Master of Science in Surgery at the University of Alberta to explore the application of trauma data registries and geospatial mapping in Kenya to better understand the consequences of injury. She intends to pursue a career of systems design around trauma improvement in challenging and low- and middle-income settings.

Byron Berenger

Byron Berenger is a medical microbiologist who is a member of the ICChange executive fulfilling many roles including providing scientific and research oversight for the organization. One of his major roles is providing medical direction for the Kenya Medical Record Initiative. He currently lives in Calgary, Alberta where he works with the frontline diagnostic laboratory as well as the provincial public health laboratory. He received his Medical Doctorate and Master’s of Science in Immunology from the University of Calgary and completed his residency at the University of Alberta. His interests include the use multi-disciplinary collaborative approaches to address problems, particularly those relating to public health, health care delivery and diagnostics.

Phil Bach

Phil Bach is a Urology resident at the University of Alberta. He has been involved with ICChange since 2010 and contributed with the early management of the Kenya Medical Record Initiative. He is currently pursuing a Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, where he hopes to continue honing his understanding of international development and healthcare delivery systems in resource-limited settings.

Harvey Hawes

Harvey Hawes is a Trauma surgeon and is the Director of Trauma Systems within ICChange. He trained under Drs. John Holcomb and Bryan Cotton at the University of Texas at Houston and holds an adjunct position there. He is also an adjunct professor at Fiji National University, where he is working towards a national trauma registry with the Department of Emergency Medicine. Harvey has worked in resource constrained and remote settings globally and after seeing the unique but soluble challenges he began looking to develop disruptive medical technologies and novel health care delivery systems.

David Janzen

David Janzen is a management and technology consultant with a background in electronic and mobile health services and currently serves as an Operations Manager at ICChange. He is completing his Master of Business Administration degree with Cape Breton University’s Community Economic Development program.

Previously, he has worked with startups and early stage businesses in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere to provide guidance and executive support while these organizations develop their initial structures and philosophies.

Huong Nguyen

Huong Nguyen is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA), working in public practice with experience in the non-profit sector. Huong has a passion for creating a change in worldwide development issues and is committed to being an aide to ICChange’s vision. In her role as Finance Director, she leads all aspects of the organization’s accounting, budgeting and financial operations.